Silly words & God don’t like ugly

    When you read the “About Us” section of this page it mentions that George LOVES to make up silly words. This is sadly true. He very very often leaves me confused and laughing my brains out. His grandpa does the same thing. Well, he makes up words, phrases, and other very strange and silly things. Any who! Being southern I know very strange things are said but seriously! Some of his words do NOT make sense like…Tamdinkler…>.<? <—My brain is confused.   

                                                                                     Tamdinkler —–>

     Yes, that is a “Tamdinkler”. Ladies I understand if you do not know what this is and is wondering “what the world” Gentlemen you know EXACTLY what this is…a chainsaw key. Or a “chainsaw adjustment tool”what ever you call it, i was fooled! George was like “oh yea Jess.” Being all serious and making me laugh then the bomb dropped. “No Jess I can’t believe you fell for that” Grrr!! The list of his silly words will continue to grow, I hope they make you laugh as hard as I have. Now you have a new vocabulary word. =)

     Now to the “God don’t like ugly” this was always a phrase I heard growing up. It was apparently Nannys’ favorite. Every time I did something wrong it was always the first thing to come out of her mouth. It became really annoying. lol At one point I retorted back with “if God doesn’t like ugly then why are there so many ugly people” I was like 6 at the time so I had to learn that was not what she ment. Nanny was attempting to teach me how to act through this phrase. I found it hilarious all the things it ment. My family will most likely have things to add when they read this! But here is the meanings of  Nannys’  infamous God don’t like ugly

…don’t curse or swear

…don’t be mean

…don’t pick on people

…don’t judge others

…watch your tone

…saying something SHE deems inappropriate

…don’t be loud

…don’t argue in Nannys’ house

…listen to Nanny or get out

     I am sure there are plenty more!  Stepping away from the funniness of this phrase it made me think of the things that are ugly toward God. Like disobeying his 10 commandments. They are the laws from God that christians should deem them as non-negotiable. I know that I haven’t been the best christian. As every day goes by I try to live my life to the standards of the Lord.

     God don’t like ugly is basically being “pretty within.” Or keeping your heart the best it can be for God. Always being pure in your faith. Or to keep it strong and not tempted.

      Thank you Nanny! I found myself using this phrase a lot and it cracks me up every time! Tamdinklers and “God don’t like ugly” what an interesting  combo!

Thank you for reading!